Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Life + Times of E

Along with my most anticipated films of 2015, it’s only right that I also express my most anticipated albums of the year. 2014 in music was alright year and I say alright because there seemed to be alot more lows than there were highs particularly in Urban music which is my favorite type of music, but I really do hope 2015 has alot more to offer specifically in the artists and albums I’m about to list.

5. Big Sean – Untitled 4th Studio Album

Big Sean/GOOD MUSIC/Terry Richardson Big Sean/GOOD MUSIC/Terry Richardson

Big Sean’s latest 4 track EP/Mixtape released towards the end of last year got a lot of people talking with the Kanye West, Dj Mustard produced track “IDFWU”, which could well be the buzz Sean needs to remind not only his fans but the HipHop community that Sean means business. Still a well respected and popular rapper, Sean is definitely one of…

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