• The above-mentioned bottle service prices does not include tax and gratuity.
  • The bottle packages are for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday night party at Club Doha, Doha Nightclub Queens birthday parties, NYC events, etc.
  • All the bottle packages are available only on with reservation.
  • For reserving your Doha Nightclub in Long island city bottle packages, get in touch with Mts Productions. We offer you all the bottle packages for Doha Nightclub at a discounted price.


General Information about Doha Night Club in Long Island City

  • Doors of Doha club Queens open at 10 pm and party goes on until 4 am
  • You can enjoy ladies open bar from 10 pm to 12 am Friday Nights.
  • Bottle packages are available on request
  • Ladies free entry oil 1am and Gents Free Til 12am Friday night party.
  • Friday night party at Doha Nightclub in Long Island City witnesses live music which is on rotation by Bash, Periera, Flow and Abrup and a lot of the best Djs in New York.

Doha Nightclub General Admission

Ladies Free Til 1am and Gents Free Til 12am only on TEAM ENTREPRENEURS ENT. Guest list. Sign up for the guest list to get your Free admission ticket.

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Explore NYC Nightlife 

The nightlife in NYC does not need any description. It is simply extravagant! Every corner of the city is glittering with colourful lights, foot tapping music, trendy crowd and unlimited energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, Queens in NYC is a party hub for all the party freaks. It is one of the best places to experience NYC nightlife. There are a plethora of bars, nightclubs, lounges and dance clubs in Queens Astoria.

If you are looking to celebrate a birthday party in Queens or party on a Friday night with your friends, then you must head over to Doha Nightclub in Long Island City, Queens. It is the hottest venue in New York for Friday night parties, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, New Year Eve events and Birthday parties.

The Ultimate NYC Entertainment Venue

Doha Nightclub NYC is the best place to catch all the action in the town. The location of the Doha Night Club is 3834 31st Street, Queens, NY 11101, United States. The location is not only convenient but is also absolutely stunning. The moment you step in at the venue, you will sense the magic of Doha nightclub.

Ambience of Doha nightclub

Doha nightclub in Long island City has an astounding vibe with the relaxing and cozy environment. The comfort that you will experience here is beyond imagination. Whether you are with your friends, family, colleagues or anyone else, this amazing nightclub in Queens will surely not disappoint you.

Doha club boasts of its state-of-the-art amenities, excellent ambience, VIP seating, perfect party environment, live DJ beats, alluring music system and stunning dance floor. What more do you want to make your party experience a complete hit? From high energy parties to upscale parties, from the elite class crowd to celebrity surprise entry, ideally, you will find everything at Doha Nightclub NYC.

Nightlife at Club Doha NYC

Partygoers flock to Club Doha NYC for its mind-blowing sound system and the perfect dance floor. The place offers enough space for you to dance the night away on the tunes from the hottest DJs in town. Aren’t you already eager to know who is going to play the music while you dance all night? So, it is DJ Shadee, Bash, Abrupt, Jay five, Carlito, Spinking, Drewski and Lobo, among many others. These young and dashing DJs are sure to keep you partying well beyond the countdown. There are also good chances that you may spot few celebrities at Club Doha NYC. They often head over to this best nightclub in NYC.

Dress Code for Party at Club Doha NYC

Friday nights at Doha nightclub are worth catching and if you have already made your mind about partying in Doha dance club, then here is the dress code that you need to follow.

  • All the party enthusiasts must strictly adhere to the dress code.
  • For partying in Doha nightclub, you can adhere to smart casual dress code.
  • Gents can wear a collar or fitted shirt with sneakers and ladies can wear a dress.
  • The dress code prohibits shorts, caps, hats, sportswear, beachwear, t-shirt, etc.

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So what is it that is stopping you from having a crazy celebration? Enjoy your birthday party, Friday night party, Halloween party, Christmas Eve party and New Year Eve celebration with supercharged energy and tear up the night with Doha nightclub NYC. The stylish bash awaits you at Doha Club Queens, NYC. Reserve your table today by registering in the guest list from Team Entrepreneurs Ent.

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